Todd and Molly Rookus founded Parkside Homes, LLC in 2012.  Todd’s real estate career began in 2004 when he decided to work alongside his father, Jim, who is a long time real estate broker.  Prior to this, Todd spent many years in college as a music art student before pursuing and receiving a degree in business administration.  Todd has had a lifelong love of construction, design, and architecture.  “Real estate just whet my appetite for design-based construction.”  In 2007, Todd and Molly began flipping distressed properties, which eventually led them to the residential construction business they run today.


To leave every client with an exceptional experience and a superior home. We are a team focused on raising quality standards, bringing new and fresh designs and leaving every home packed with value and quality craftsmanship.  


To be superior homebuilders and renovators in West Michigan.  We desire to strike a new balance in quality, design, and value that is often lacking in our industry.  Our homes are built and designed to last.  Our vision is to share what we love with the people we work for and to create a unique and exciting experience for all of our clients.



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