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Many of our projects are built on “spec”.  This means that we design and build a home with the intent of putting it on the market for sale.  We enjoy the design/build process and love the creative side of what we do.  For us, these spec homes are opportunities to showcase our work.  Our industry is riddled with poor design, mass production housing, subpar materials, and poor construction management.  These spec built homes give us the opportunity to be a part of solving what we view as a large problem in the housing industry.  We offer a different experience and a superior home. 


We tend to lean toward traditional modern. This is a pretty broad statement so let’s break down what it means to us.


Clean and simple. We love modern architecture. We love the practical simplicity of modern design.


Old and new. We love mixing the best of old traditional materials with new and modern ideas. There is something comforting and familiar about the old, while there is something exciting and striking about the new. We like to blend these elements.


Quality and natural materials.  We live in an age of consumerism. There are hundreds of engineered products for any application. Manufacturers are always coming up with new products to look like and outlast the real thing. Siding, countertops, flooring, you name it! We prefer to stick with the real deal any chance we can.  Wood, stone, metals…these products withstand the test of time and have many advantages.


Timelessness. Styles come and go. While we edge toward modern, we seek to strike a balance between classic/timeless design and the new/modern. Cheap or trendy materials have a tendency to end up in the landfill every 5-10 years. Poorly designed spaces have a similar fate. We can do better than that!


Money in the details. Our design concepts are more than just colors and materials. We strive to create an experience for our clients. We want that experience to be immediately different and unique. Simple, yet layered with tasteful and functional design. Rich and warm, with familiar and long-standing materials.  Fresh and interesting with a new take on the traditional.


If this resonates with you, we invite you to contact us. Our end objective is to give all of our clients exactly what they want. In our experience, when we work with like-minded people who jive with our style…it can be a lot of fun for everyone!

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