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Parkside Homes specializes in designing, building & remodeling residential structures.  In addition to being a licensed builder, Parkside Homes is a licensed Real Estate brokerage. Having a heavy real estate background gives us a unique perspective on our projects and allows us to offer real estate services to any of our clients.


We have a skilled team of craftsman, project managers, architects, designers, agents, and subcontractors.

With the diverse skills and experience of our team, we believe we are able to offer a more streamlined and practical approach. We are very hands-on, face-to-face and transparent with our clients. Compared to many of our competitors we are a small team.  Staying small is key to maintaining a high level of service and quality. Our projects are customized and we currently start only 8-10 projects a year.


Construction is messy, full of deadlines, budgets, people and stress. It takes a small army to accomplish what we do. From conception, projects typically take 6-12 months. Company/client relationships last years. We strive to align ourselves with team members and subcontractors who carry the same values.  These projects can be fun when you are prepared for the stress and surrounded by good people. We have heard from clients and subcontractors that our job sites are different, in a good way.


We think the difference is rooted in our values. Many of us at Parkside Homes are driven by our faith in God and care deeply about the people we work with. We hold fast to the conviction that there is much more to life than the houses we build and the paychecks we earn. We believe these values promote better job sites & create positive experiences for our clients.

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